Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Introducing SVT (Submersible Vertical Turbine) Pumps

In the last blog, we talked about vertical turbine pumps and their basics. We discussed various features of these pumps, what they are, their applications and their construction along with their limitations.
Although vertical turbine pumps are very popular for raw water pumping, but they comes with their own limitations like – they require dedicated pump house, are difficult to install, has limited operations during monsoon, prone to frequent maintenance post monsoon, high spares & maintenance cost, complicated & time consuming maintenance so on…
Add to this, at times Vertical turbine pumps cannot be used when they are needed the most i.e. summer time. As water level goes down normal VT pumps cannot be used & even if they are put to use somehow there is a huge risk of abnormal wear & tear if raw water has any sand content.'
So, what do the modern day engineers do?
Live with these limitations or opt for peace of mind….
The answer lies in “Darling Pumps” - who has introduced a new concept of -  Submersible Vertical Turbine (SVT pumps).
Darling - SVT Series pumps are equipped for turbid raw water pumping. They are an ideal replacement for conventional Vertical Turbine pumps & stand good where consistent & mass water supply is to be made. These pumps can be regularly seen in govt. water supply schemes / projects, Power generation plants etc.
The SVT (submersible vertical turbine) pumps do not only contain advanced features but also provide real value for money to its users. These pumps are ideal for various applications and situations.
If we go on exploring the advantages of the submersible vertical turbine pumps we discover that there are lots of them. Especially when we put up a direct comparison between the conventional vertical turbine pumps and the submersible vertical turbine series pumps, we understand why the latter is a better choice.
Therefore to make you understand this better, we will be sharing a detailed comparison between the two pumps, in the coming blogs.
The comparison would hold various basis including their cost, assembly, shaft, bearing, disassembly, civil work, routine maintenance, spares etc.
We think that the use of SVT (submersible vertical turbine) series pump would majorly benefit the users in terms of time, cost as well as ease of application.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

All about Vertical Turbine Pumps

A Vertical Turbine Pump is also referred to as a deep well turbine pump. It is mixed flow type pump or a vertical axis centrifugal which comprises of stages. These stages accommodate stationary bowls that possess guide vanes. They also have rotating impellers.

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When are they used?
When the pumping water level is below the limits of Vertical centrifugal pump that is the time when a Vertical Turbine Pump comes into use. They come with a higher initial cost and comparatively a difficult installation and repair process. When we talk about the pressure head developed, it depends on the speed at which the impeller is rotated along with the diameter of the impeller. However, when a single impeller is used to develop the pressure head it’s not so great. With the help of more stage or bowl assemblies, an additional head can be obtained.

The Way They are Constructed

A Vertical Turbine Pump is basically made up of three parts -

Discharge Column
The job of this part is to not only to connect the pump head and the bowl assembly but it is also to conduct water from the bowl assembly to the pump head.

Discharge Head
This part consists of the base. It is this base from which the shaft assembly, the bowl assembly, and the discharge column are suspended.

Pump Element
This element is made up of one or more stages or bowls. Each of the bowls that it is made up of consists of a diffuser and an impeller.

Limitations of the Vertical Turbine Pump

A Vertical Turbine Pump holds certain limitations to it. Here are few of them -

The vertical turbine pump requires quite a bit of attention when it comes to the regular maintenance of the pump. The pump also requires more spares to be maintained.

The vertical turbine pump is very difficult to dismantle. The pump also requires very expensive material handling equipment.

The assembly process of a vertical turbine pump is as complicated as the process of disassembly. We hope the information above gave you a good idea about the vertical turbine pumps.

In the upcoming blog, we will discuss about Submersible vertical turbine pumps and how they overcome the limitations of vertical turbine pumps. To know more, call Darling Pumps at +91 99819 92838.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Our Generation Next Jumbo Dewatering Pumps in India

At Darling Pumps, our guiding principle has been “continuous and never ending improvements”. This has brought us to make jumbo dewatering pumps India that is equipped with great features enhancing overall ownership perception. Our generation next jumbo dewatering pumps India also enhance the product perception value for all of our clients.

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But why just take our word for it? Here’s a list of all the amazing features that are incorporated in this product. This would convince you that Darling Pumps do in fact have a lot to offer! Have a look:
  • An Improvement in the Performance
As we believe that constant improvements are what get us going, we make it a point to compare our new products to the older ones. This creates new benchmarks for us every time. On comparing our earlier series of pumps we discovered that efficiencies of our corresponding pumps in DJ, DT, DJC, and DTC series have greatly improved. Hence, they provide more pumped water comparatively.
  • Improved Aesthetics
Our dewatering pumps India have not only improved on the basis of their looks but have also added overall value experience for our customers. The modular and sturdy design with SS outer body and rubberized power cable also aids better interchangeability.
  • An Improvement in the Technical Features
We have equipped our DJC and DTC series pumps with inbuilt pump controller. This controller helps in reducing the chances of the dry running of the pump. Provisions like these that restore efficiency add to the longevity of the products. They also benefit us and the customer by bringing down the cost of maintenance drastically.

Another improvement that we would like to bring to notice is the spacious cable terminating arrangement in these pumps. This highly helps in the maintenance of the pumps. It also facilitates a quick and very easy change of cable. This can be really helpful in cases where the cable is damaged or if joint less cable of longer length is to be fixed to the pumps. 

There are various other improvements that we constantly work on when offering you our dewatering pumps in India. We always find ways to add value to our product and increase the ease of utility for our customers. After all, we believe in the provision of our motto. “Simply Pump. Get in touch with Darling Pumps Today.

Monday, 8 May 2017

3 Must Know Submersible Pumps in Pumping World

Being a part of pumping industry over decades, Darling pumps knows that dewatering submersible pumps, sewage submersible pumps, and slurry submersible pumps are the three stars of water pumping world. We are sure you’d be convinced of this too, after reading this blog.

1. Dewatering Submersible Pumps  
Dewatering Submersible Pumps | India

    One of the most popular stars in this category is dewatering submersible pumps.
They play a major role when it comes to the activity of dewatering. Whether we talk about dewatering of pits, quarries, basements or mass water transfer, the dewatering submersible pumps pull it all off. However, they are majorly used for pumping that dirty water which has chunks of suspended solids. In the modern age, this water pump is used by various fields of businesses. They involve Industrial applications and infrastructure projects etc. Not only this, but our star is also very useful when it comes to domestic applications.

    2. Sewage Submersible Pumps

Sewage Submersible Pumps | India
Being a star, sewage submersible pumps have their own tantrums. By this, we mean that when it comes to running these pumps, it’s always a big task. Or we could say that it was. With time, like everything else, the sewage submersible pumps have also evolved. They have been built with the best and most innovative technology. This addresses the previous problems that used to exist with them. Hence, using this equipment has now become free of jams. They are majorly used for activities like waste and sludge removal. The industrial sections that they are used in are chemical plants, tanneries, sewage works and much more places.

3. Slurry Submersible Pumps
Slurry Submersible Pumps | India
As the name suggests, these water pumps work on “slurry”. Slurry is basically an abrasive fluid which is generally a mixture of mud with water or Ash, coal, cement iron ore, iron dust, iron scales with water respectively. It can be settling or non - settling, corrosive or non-corrosive. The main purpose behind the movement of this fluid is to hydraulically transport solids particles. Slurry submersible pumps are the pumps which are used for a major variety of applications. These applications include pumping ash slurry, iron slurry, waste sludge handling, and clean up of sumps, removal of silt built up, waste collection ponds and many more. They are also very useful in the mining industries. 

Therefore, the roles and applications that these water pumps have make them the three stars of the water pumping industry. Darling Water Pumps have the best of all these three stars. Call +91 99819 92838 for details.

Friday, 31 March 2017

Dos and Don’ts of Pump Installation

Installation of a pump is critical to its smooth functioning and efficiency. If a pump is installed with inappropriate piping arrangements, there are chances of premature pump failures and other pump related problems. There are several points that you need to consider during pump installation. 

The most important ones are explained below –
  1. Run the cable so that it does not have any sharp bends and is not pitched. 
    Submersible Pumps India - Darling Pumps
  2. Connect the hose with discharge flange using quick change coupling. 

  3.  Avoid too many creases in the hose pipe or use minimum bend in G.I. Pipe.
    Submersible Pumps India - Darling Pumps 

  4.  Use good quality control panel containing ammeter, voltmeter with under load protection, single phase preventer.

  5. Place the pump on a plank which will prevent it from sinking into a soft bottom or suspend it by a rope few inches above the bottom.

  6.  Check if impeller is rotating in correct direction
    Submersible Pumps India - Darling Pumps
Darling Pumps offers a wide range of submersible pumps for a variety of applications including slurry pumping, dewatering, clear water pumping, sewage disposal and more. 
To know more about our products, visit http://darlingpumps.in/. To discuss which pump is best suited for your application, call +91 99819 92838.