Friday, 31 March 2017

Dos and Don’ts of Pump Installation

Installation of a pump is critical to its smooth functioning and efficiency. If a pump is installed with inappropriate piping arrangements, there are chances of premature pump failures and other pump related problems. There are several points that you need to consider during pump installation. 

The most important ones are explained below –
  1. Run the cable so that it does not have any sharp bends and is not pitched. 
    Submersible Pumps India - Darling Pumps
  2. Connect the hose with discharge flange using quick change coupling. 

  3.  Avoid too many creases in the hose pipe or use minimum bend in G.I. Pipe.
    Submersible Pumps India - Darling Pumps 

  4.  Use good quality control panel containing ammeter, voltmeter with under load protection, single phase preventer.

  5. Place the pump on a plank which will prevent it from sinking into a soft bottom or suspend it by a rope few inches above the bottom.

  6.  Check if impeller is rotating in correct direction
    Submersible Pumps India - Darling Pumps
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